arcade-retro-gamesIf you’re tired of the same old entertainment options that you and your friends are doing every weekend, why not try something a little different like hosting a retro games party. Rather than spend your money at the bar or the theater, plan something that is closer to home. At Casino Party Experts, we can help you organize an event that is completely different but totally exciting for your next weekend. Go back in time with a retro games night. We have several arcade and electronic gaming systems from the days the first arcade and video games to make your get together a totally rad event.

You and your friends will enjoy stepping back to the good old days when Asteroids, Froggers, Zelda, Tappers, Street Fighter and Qbert ruled the video gaming world. We have several state-of-the-art, old school arcade, and electronic gaming systems. Enjoy a night of lively Atari playing fun or hold classic competitions with these exciting titles plus so much more. For booking information, give us a call at #317-857-0168 to find out how to book your favorite arcade games.

With our diverse selection, you will be able to choose all your favorite games. We have several racing, space, and favorite character challenge games to choose from. Go back in time to when Donkey Kong first came out. All your beloved childhood games are available at Casino Party Experts. These games that first introduced us to electronic fun are just as exciting to play today as they were when they first came out. An arcade night with your closest inner circle is a great way to spend a Saturday night together.

Once you have chosen the games, you and your closest mates can then plan the rest of your evening. Add to the fun by encouraging everyone to come in 80’s clothing and create a playlist of the best music from that decade that includes star-studded groups like The Go-Go’s, Madonna, Wham, Duran Duran, Cindi Lauper, Bon Jovi, Twisted Sister and all your number one top rated hits.

Add pizza and beer to the evening and you will have an unforgettable night completely different than your usual weekend options.

Once everyone has finished their gaming, end the evening with an 80’s classic movie. Go back in time to the youth and innocence of The Breakfast Club, Back To The Future, St Elmo’s Fire or Weird Science for a relaxing entertaining end to your evening. At Casino Party Experts, we can help you step back in time with an extraordinary retro evening. Contact us today at #317-857-0168 to book your favorite arcade games.